“…thanks to the photographer who is accurately referred to as the next Karsh.” H.D.
“Wow! Through this portrait experience, I finally see my inner strength and the peacefulness that I’ve been searching for all my life!” J.S.
“It’s hard to find words to express what you create for people with your art—another dimension to learn about ourselves—a mirror reflecting the essences of strength, beauty and love—hard copy visions of who we are afraid we are not—wish we could be—and already are. Thank you for your love.” D.S.F.
“Thank you so much for creating such a treasure for Tyler, Shelley and myself. The portraits will be a true legacy for our family. You have a gift of bringing out the wonderful spirit in all of us.” R.W.
“Helene Anne, you have developed one of the most sophisticated and enjoyable photographic journeys for families! Not only was it a deep journey into getting to know ourselves, we had fun! Thank you for your wise insight into the human spirit. Especially, thank you for these legacy portraits.” J.M.
“The first time I saw your artwork at a friend’s home, I was captivated. How did you create such natural portraits filled with tenderness and connection in every single portrait! It made me want to do the same with my family. Yet even when we hired you, I was still uncertain that you could really capture the essence of our family’s love until the night you showed us our results. You did it! Today my living room is filled with your beautiful artwork. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” A.B.
“I love my portraits. They are eloquent, beautiful, elegant. It’s a rush—hard to own—and when I think of them as though they were of someone else, I love them too. Whoever that woman is I like her, and I want to know more about her. But wait a minute…she is me! D.F.