The Speaker

Photo of Helene Anne Fortin
by Lynn Lacroix

Helene Anne has learned much about people photography and the human spirit. She is a gifted motivational speaker, teacher, mentor, trainer and visual marketing specialist. Her powerful multi-media imagery and messages educate, captivate and inspire.

Her speaking, training and teaching appearances are private events sponsored by corporations, trade associations, teachers’ federations and private groups. Contact Helene Anne >

Topics of her keynote addresses and training are wide-ranging and include:

The Powerful Messenger

Every hour, we are bombarded by thousands of people photographs through all forms of media.

Helene Anne believes that people photography is a two-way communication between the viewer of the image and the person within the photograph. Almost unconsciously, these photographs are absorbed instantly by the viewer. Explore the impact of the powerful, unstoppable messages embedded within people photography today and their long-term effect on children, on you and your lifestyle. Learn how people photography—in its many media forms—can uncannily predict the future.

"You are wise, passionate, engaging, talented trainer and have opened my mind to so many new ideas." J.C.
"Because of your talk, I now grasp the impact of today’s media on my students.” B.E.

Stumbling on Beauty

As human beings, we long to connect to beauty. The reality is that we are often starved for its touch. Helene Anne wants to hone your beauty-seeking skills. Why? Because beauty is not only the elixir that provides a welcome diversion from our everyday busy lives, it ignites your spirit and soothes the soul. Take a journey far beyond today’s money-based subjective—and often destructive—corporate vision of beauty. This sensual walk into true beauty is not only visually stimulating, it nourishes all.

"Your presentation transformed me, reminding me of the beauty, power and sacredness of the world." P.S.
"This keynote address lifted my spirit…a very personal and emotionally moving presentation!" R.K.

Unlocking the Creative You!

What is Creativity? How do you access and sustain it within yourself, in your workplace, in your home life? For Helene Anne, creativity is the fire within. It’s what feeds her vibrancy and boundless energy to create not only her portraiture, but the life she wants. Helene Anne believes that creativity is a gift that lies deep within each one. If it remains untapped, part of the joy of life is missing. Hone your creativity muscles from this master who will teach you the 9 powerful secrets that will ignite (or reignite) the Creative You!

Purchase Helene Anne’s two-hour audio book, The 9 Powerful Secrets to Unlocking the Creative You!, and its companion activity book: How to Unlock the Creative You! from our Boutique.

"Your talk (and accompanying audio book) helped me to break through to my full creative potential. Thank you so much." L.L.
"Wow!" Your workshop on creativity was life-changing. You helped me realize that I didn’t need to be an artist to be creative." J.A.J.

Get the Image Right!

(How a Photograph is Worth a 1000 Words or Fails Miserably)

Corporations often spend a fortune developing products without ever understanding the positive or negative messages found in the photographs of people used in their print and web materials. These visual messages (the majority of which are disconnected and empty) often deliver, subtly or not so subtly, the wrong messages. As a leading visual communicator, Helene Anne provides tools and techniques for corporations, business entrepreneurs and designers alike to get the images right in order to better sell products and services.

"A very thought-provoking and informative session!" L.T.
"Excellent! I will never look at a photograph in the same way." S.D.
"Fascinating! 10+ I would have enjoyed another hour!" J.S.

Reinventing You!

When was the last time you felt fantastic? Excited about your life? On fire and on purpose! Turbo-charge your life by re-discovering at any age: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond, the secrets of happy living, creativity and purpose. Helene Anne will guide you on the most important journey of all: YOUR LIFE!! (personal consultations and/or group workshops available).

"I walked in impressed. I left on fire!" L.J.