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by Lynn Lacroix

Helene Anne Fortin is one of North America's leading portrait photographers. She believes that photography is a very powerful means of communication. Dubbed “the next Karsh” by clients and followers alike, her unique approach, vast experience and wonderful sensitivity have brought her to great heights in the world of photography.

"It has taken me years to perfect my skills in portraiture and to refine the journey I take with my clients, mirroring their power and beauty through the portraits that we create together." - Helene Anne Fortin

Born in Ottawa Canada, Helene Anne's career has taken her down many roads, working in the fields of education and social marketing. Her work was fueled by her creativity and her desire to help make a better world. In the early 1990s, a friend introduced her to photography and Helene Anne fell in love.

Once her passion for photography had ignited, Helene Anne learned everything she could about portraiture, studying with the leading photographers in North America. Eventually the pupil became the master, pushing the boundaries of black and white portraiture to new heights.

Her dedication is absolute and soon she was winning awards including the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and Photo Life International where her images were selected from among 18,000 entries. As well, Helene Anne received a prestigious Governor General of Canada medal for her work.

Helene Anne's portraits and landscapes not only hang throughout the world, they are also found in a number of publications including A Portrait of Canada. She also travels widely as an inspiring speaker, trainer and visual marketing specialist.

Helene Anne's studio is located in an artist's sanctuary, in Wakefield, Quebec. In this peaceful setting, she invites clients to celebrate their life through her lens.

"Thank you to my wonderful clients who have shared so much of their lives with me, and have granted me permission to use their portraits on this website." - Helene Anne Fortin

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