Your Portrait Journey

The First Step in Your Portrait Journey...

A Tea Ceremony

Your portrait journey should be the most wonderful experience of your life. In this Zen-like setting, there’s no rushing you before the camera. Instead, our first visit is simply a time to talk. And whether you pick an exotic Golden Dragon Jasmine tea or perhaps Lover’s Leap, a delightful full-bodied black tea, this ancient communication ritual is an important first step.

This is when we get to know each other and what you are looking for. You will begin to understand the unique style of portraiture created within these walls, and the care taken to craft each image. We will also discuss clothing and how we will create the portraits of your life!

The Tea Ceremony takes time, and is best experienced by adults only.

The Tea Ceremony was a total educational experience. You are a great teacher. And because of that session, I’ll never see a portrait in the same way again. I so look forward to creating my family portraits with you. - H.J.
Tea Ceremony

The Second Step in Your Portrait Journey...

Your Portrait Session!

This is your day before the camera. Relax. Be at home in this tranquil setting as we celebrate your life. Know that you are in good hands here.

Helene Anne, you really care. At the beginning of my portrait session I was so nervous, yet you put me at ease instantly. I can’t wait to see the results. - S.W.
Tea Ceremony

The Third Step in Your Portrait Journey...

Your Viewing Day

The viewing day is very exciting. It is an extraordinary learning experience as I guide you in selecting the most powerful portrait images for your walls. You will not only gain new insights into the art of portraiture and hand-printing, you will discover the beautiful subtleties and strengths found within you and your loved ones.

I love my portraits. They are eloquent, beautiful, elegant. It’s a rush—hard to own—and when I think of them as though they were of someone else I love them too. Whoever that woman is I like her, and I want to know more about her. But wait a minute…she is me! - D.F.
Tea Ceremony

The Final Step in Your Portrait Journey...

Delivery and Safeguarding

When you come to pick up your hand-printed portraits, we will explore how to safeguard this important artwork. The use of archival matting, the different types of framing and protective glass are also discussed. These all-important steps ensure a long life for your artwork. I then carry your portraits out to the car and say goodbye at least for a while.

Helene Anne, you have developed one of the most enjoyable and sophisticated photographic journeys for families! Not only was it a deep journey into getting to know ourselves, it was fun! Thank you for your wise insight into the human spirit. Especially, thank you for these legacy portraits. - J.M.
Tea Ceremony