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How to Unlock the Creative You! (E-Activity Book*)

(*The Essential Companion Product to the Audio Book Entitled:
The 9 Powerful Secrets to Unlocking the Creative You!)

Want a more creative and happy life, then discover the 9 secrets to igniting or reigniting the Creative You. Guaranteed to bring more joy and fulfillment to your life, this is a new way to look at Creativity! Inspiring and motivational, this ‘how to’ E-Activity book will help you to break through to your full creative potential! By connecting the dots, Helene Anne demystifies this illusive and powerful life force. Learn the secrets of creativity through 9 easy steps. Filled with fun activities and insights, plan to be inspired by this E-Activity Book that will sustain and nurture the already-Creative You!

Item #9935
$39.95 CAD

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